Intrinsic Value & Utility

Sic parvis magna - “Greatness from small beginnings.”

How do we create intrinsic value and utility for $AFX?

Crypto Mining
Profits from mining will be converted into $USDC and used to bolster up our Liquidity Pool and/or bolster the reserve fund to buy back and burn tokens to increase the price of $AFX token, build our reserves to allow us to further insulate ourselves from crashes in the price, further allow our treasury to expand into more investments to further yield profitability for our protocol. A max supply cap of our tokens would allow us to build value into AFX tokens organically.
Staking for $USDC
When we have acquired or built an optimal sized crypto mining operation, we would be looking to allow AFX tokens to be staked for $USDC by time-locked APYs within our protocol. (Do note that this is different from the staking of AFX on our own DEX). With these options we would allow AFX token holders to choose what they wish to do with their tokens in any market conditions. APYs would vary in various conditions. Earnings from crypto mining would support these APYs, however, we would allow only a certain amount of AFX tokens to be staked for $USDC. Working on a first come first serve basis. APYs would also vary from lock in periods.
Decentralized Exchange (DEX)/NFT Marketplace
When we create our own stand alone DEX, we will be earning from the transaction fees generated from swaps/trades and allow projects to launch their NFT projects with us or our users to trade NFTs. In the future, we will also create utility for $AFX token to be staked to earn other tokens or $USDC with flexible and time-locked staking APYs in our DEX.