(In John Hammond's voice) Welcome.. to Apex Finance. next Innovative Evolution in DeFi.
We at APEX Finance are a team from backgrounds in Crypto development, Finance & Business. We believe we can make DeFi truly better via means of "splicing the best and evolving". In a nutshell, we take heed from the best of our counterparts and improve on them by learning and improving upon their virtues and issues. We intend to form partnerships with the best in the DeFi space. Our goals are to improve and forward DeFi as an integral part of our future and of course attain profitability for our community.
APEX Finance (AFX) is a token that built on the Ethereum Network (ETH) and behaves like an ETF or Mutual Fund. We have a maximum supply cap of 1 Billion AFX Tokens and are well positioned to bring DeFi to a new level with our extensive experience to form a conglomerate of crypto projects x real world investments to constantly build our protocol's financial health and profitability. Our Ethos is to be the Apex Predator in terms of perpetual sustainable profitability (PSP) for our community.
Two rules for us.
  1. 1.
    Attain Perpetual Sustainable Profitability (PSP) for our community.
  2. 2.
    Remember Rule Number One.
Once again.. Welcome to APEX Finance


APEX Finance is an evolutionary protocol that builds value to our AFX token holders with our ecosystem of both crypto based projects and real world investments. We diversify to compound and build earnings to grow the value, price and health of the protocol. We want to make it safe and secure for our community, we are ensuring that every security measure available be done to keep our community safe. We make it easy for our community, simply hold on to your tokens in your wallets and watch it grow. We are zealous at building those earnings for our community and growing intrinsic value into our token price. Perpetual growth for our protocol with a diversified ecosystem, that is what we seek.

Who will run APEX Finance

In the early stages, the core team will make the major decisions. Nonetheless, we will listen to the opinions of our community. Moving forward, our decisions will mostly come via voting from our community with options brought out by our core team. We value the voices of our community and believe that we can never do everything alone. it is after all called Decentralized Finance for a collective reason. Furthermore, we will be looking to KYC ourselves with trusted a KYC Program.
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