AFX Copper Launch & Liquidity Pairing

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Update on our copper launches

As the response for our copper launches were not that great. We have decided to do a Presale on our website. Do visit our or join our discord to interact with us and get updated!

Copper Launch & Token Distribution

Copper Launch - We would be looking to sell up to 70% (700Million $AFX) of our token supply on Copper Launches that we will do in batches. The lowest prices being the earlier batches as we will put up more USDC liquidity in the pools. Batch 1 - 125,000,000 $AFX + 10,000 USDC Batch 2 - 125,000,000 $AFX Batch 3 - 150,000,000 $AFX Batch 4 - 150,000,000 $AFX Batch 5 - 150,000,000 $AFX All unsold tokens from each batch be brought forth to the next. Unsold tokens from batch 5 will be burnt. 200,000,000 $AFX (20%) will be set aside for the Liquidity pairing on Uniswap. 50,000,000 $AFX (5%) for Treasury. 25,000,000 $AFX (2.5%) for Reserves. 25,000,000 $AFX (2.5%) for Marketing