"look for your answers inside your questions" - duh.

Is AFX a fork of other DeFi projects?

Kind of but not really too. But we believe we are an evolution of our counterparts. We take what we learnt from others, evolve, improve and build that into our protocol.
"splicing the best and evolving"

Why are we using Copper Launch?

We are using Copper Launch because it would seem more fair and the market decides on the prices. We also would have to put up the initial liquidity and that would mean that we are focused on the protocol and looking to seriously build upon it.

Is APEX Finance audited?

We will apply to get audited by Cyberscope and/or Solidity Finance. The core team is being KYC'ed with Cyberscope.io


All funds from Copper Launch will be placed into our multi-sig wallets and contract address posted here on our whitepaper. Liquidity Pool will be locked for 5 years. Minting of new tokens will not be allowed.

Icarus Dynamic

Once we launch our protocol, we would be looking at specific times to begin burning of $AFX tokens. However, this will be depending on market conditions and be made known to our community with the burn wallet contract posted here.

Why are we using $USDC to be paired with our $AFX token?

We want to dynamically grow and compound $AFX token prices organically so that $AFX tokens will always seem attractive for investors to trade/hold. Being paired to a stable coin gives us the stability and consistency in regards to our token price. In the future when we enable bridging for $AFX tokens, it would also help make things much easier and of course, stable.